Book Review – God Forbid by A. A. Medina

I’ve been a big fan of A A Medina’s work for a while now, so when I saw this little offering of horrific treats, well, I won’t finish this cliched sentence.

On first opening the book I was slightly, not disappointed, but kind of that yet in a good way. You see, there quite a few stories here I’d read before, so this wasn’t like hearing a brand new album by a favourite band. It was more like buying their greatest hits with a few new teaser tracks to help you along the way. If you know what I mean.

I don’t often read books twice; there’s always something else new to find, you know? But I did read this from cover to cover, and am so glad I didn’t skip the stories I was familiar with. It was great to relive these tales, most of which I kind of remembered, but not entirely.

Things don’t end well for the characters in these offerings, which is always a plus for me; I just seem to hate characters I suppose. For every story that seems to be chundling along nicely, you just know things are about to take a horrific turn. And these are pretty short, so it doesn’t take long for these things to occur.

These stories are a must for horror fans so be ready to be disturbed. And then head on over and check out A A Medina’s awesome novellas, Siphon and When Dragonflies Dance.

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  1. Can’t argue with a good short story collection. Have a good Christmas, Morgan!

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