Month: March 2018

Book Review – The Rib From Which I Remake the World by Ed Kurtz

Ed Kurtz’s The Rib From Which I Remake the World is, in a word, awesome! OK, so it takes its time to get going, but even so there was never a feeling of ‘come on, get on with it.’ The… Read More ›


Ten of the Most Frightening and Sickening Bad Guys From 80s Cartoons

It’s retro time, kiddies! Childhood cartoons bring joy and enjoyment to our hearts while also slyly teaching us morals for the big, scary grown-up world we’ll one day inherit. They also allow toy manufacturers to make quite a lot of… Read More ›


How Technological Advances Continue to Make Horror Relevant

Nearly every contemporary fiction novel would seem like science fiction to anyone from the past. Times move on and inventions come and go that improve our everyday lives, making us wonder how we ever did without them. Apparently we’re all… Read More ›