My stories and their homes. Those marked * you can read for free, lucky old you!!

The Snuggle Zombies (A children’s horror story) Amazon

The Unbeliever & The Intruder; A Short Sharp Shocks! Book (Short Stories) Amazon

The Mind’s Plague and Other Bites of Brutality (Short Story Collection) Amazon

An Army of Skin (Novella)  Amazon

*Answer the Phone (Short Story) The Horror Zine, January 2018

*The Reality of Hope (S) Aphotic Realm, December 2017

The Almost Cannibal (S) Aphotic Realm, September 2017

A Dog’s Life (S) Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Summer 2017

*The Suicide Storm (S) Sirens Call Publications #32 Hack and Slash, April 2017

*The White Dream House (S) Blood Moon Rising Magazine #68, April 2017

*My Personal Necronomicon (S) Deadman’s Tome, March 2017

Room 405 (S) Under The Bed Vol 4 No. 12

*Consumption (S) Dark Fire Fiction

*Joining the Family (S) Deadman’s Tome, June 2016

The Price of Fame (S) Abstract Jam Issue 1, November 2015

An Abhorrent Art (Flash) The Stray Branch #16, Fall/Winter 2015

The Eighth Floor (S) Schlock! Webzine Vol 7, Issue 11

*A Place With the Trees (S) Aphelion Webzine, June 2014

*The Washing Up (F) Weird Year, July 2014

*A Great Sense of Humour (F) Garden Gnome Publications, May 2014

The Monster Under the Bed (F)- Schlock! Webzine Vol. 5, Issue 26 and Schlock! Bi-Monthly Issue 4

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