Under the Bed, Featuring… Me!!



The blogging and murdering has dried up a little this past week or so. I could blame it on a lack of ideas and a rather disappointing selection of victims to hand, or perhaps it’s down to the fact I’ve been busy on another story. Yes, it’s the last one.

Anyway I am pleased to announce that I have another short story out there, this one is called Room 405 and it is appearing in the excellent Under the Bed Vol 04 No.12. If you fancy parting with $3.99 of your hard earned cash, you can do just that here.

The issue features four other stories and they’re all great, as is the brutally creepy front cover. I share the e-pages with Cooper C Wilms, David J Gibbs, Lynne Conrad, and Brian Barr.

My story is about a man waking from a dream and the weird thing about it is that the idea came from a dream I had myself. Obviously I’ve changed some of the details, to copy it exactly as I dreamt it would be too strange and ambiguous for a stand alone story, and may also reveal some deep-seated hang ups and interesting insights into my psyche. So it’s been edited and a proper ending has been concocted, so I don’t seem too weird.

The ending to my dream was just me waking up, shaking with a cold sweat. I remember that after first feeling relief that it was just a nightmare, my second thought was that it would make an awesome short story. I grabbed my phone and in a half-asleep, groggy attempt, began recording my dream in case I fell back asleep and forgot it when I woke in the morning. While typing it into an empty text message I remember hoping that my good lady next to me wouldn’t wake up and question who I was texting in the middle of the night. That may have proved awkward to explain my way out of.

So anyway, check it out and enjoy, but hopefully be scared. And have a read of the other excellent stories, by candlelight, if possible.

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