Book Reviews – Zombie Santa Claus; Axe Murderer & Santa Jaws Editions by Astrid Addams

It’s festive double review time, kiddies!

These short stories by Astrid Addams are just what you need at this time of year. With all proceeds going to Bacchus Residents Rescue, a charity re-housing exotic small mammals, not only will you get a quick horror, gore, and Christmas fix, you’ll also be giving yourself a nice warm feeling inside.

In a world where the undead exist alongside the living, there is a new toy craze this Christmas. And thus begins this tale of carnage.

It’s what all the kids want this festive season, the one, the only, Zombie Santa Claus! This short story focuses on the Axe Murderer Edition.

The twins in this tale meet Santa at the shopping centre and tell him exactly what they want. The trouble is, their parents are strict, God-fearing conservatives. Will the kids get what they so desire this year?

I can’t say much more without giving the game away, but with the titular character being an Axe Murderer, you know that carnage and gore are going to involved. And wow, they certainly are. 

If you want to get all Christmassy without getting too Christmassy, then this is a great story to involve yourself in. Lots of blood, death, and dismemberment, it’s a fun ride for all you horror-loving Christmasists.

Set in the same world as its predecessor, Santa Jaws Edition follows a similar path. But this one takes a more sinister and darker tone straight from the off. 

Our protagonist Claire is pretty down on her luck. Bills stacking up, in debt to the creepy old man loan shark, and with a young daughter, things could definitely be better. However, Tilly is such a sweet kid and never asks for anything, so things could be worse! Correction, she seems a sweet kid.

Claire is really struggling to pay back her debt to the old dude, and so arranges a different kind of payment solution – you know the sort. But things don’t get any better. All she needs is some kind of viscous, demented, shark-like Santa creature to help her out. And guess what Tilly has asked for! 

This story paints a really grim picture of life in this world, expanding on the events in the first story. The action hots up when Santa Jaws enters the picture. Yes, the blood flows yet again, making you cheer the demise of the characters. 

You’ll fly through these stories in no time and will be doing something positive for all those cute little animals. So what are you waiting for??

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals!!

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  1. Christmas Eve, stay up late, sip some eggnog, and read two bloody Christmas stories . . . sounds FUN!
    p.s. I enjoyed A Silent Dystopia.:-)

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