Shhhh, it’s a Silent Dystopia

I have the very great pleasure of announcing the release of an anthology that is going to soundly (that is a pun) kick some arse around these hear (that’s another) parts.

A Silent Dystopia is a collection of short stories by some truly awesome authors, and me!

But wait, let me explain. A few years ago Dave Jeffery released his novella, A Quiet Apocalypse. Have you read it? Don’t worry if not, I can sum it up;

Meningitis outbreak kills most of the population of the Earth. The majority of those who survive are left without their hearing. The ‘lucky’ ones who don’t become deaf are enslaved by the masses. And those who were already deaf? Well, they are the lowest of all.

Long-novella-short, this story is awesome. Dave has built a world that is so believable and real, drawing you in to this truly bleak tale. He followed it up with Cathedral, an equally enjoyable story, and then The Samaritan, which I am yet to read (I know, shame on me).

But why am I telling you all this?

Well, A Silent Dystopia is a collection of stories set within this world. I know, right?

I am so proud to be included in this project which I really hope you check out, and enjoy. I suppose you don’t have to be familiar with the source material but I’m sure it helps. Well, just go and check out the trilogy first then if you want.

This whole project has been edited by the excellent DT Griffith who has worked tirelessly for the last 12 months. His feedback and revisions of my story not only helped greatly with this piece, but I’ve learnt lessons I’m continuing with stuff I’m writing at the moment. I mean, if you’re a writer looking for an editor then his expertise is highly recommended.

Then there’s Dean Drinkel at Demain Publishing, who has also been so supportive during this whole thing. Dean’s a top bloke, even though he’s a Spurs fan.

And finally the man himself, Mr Dave Jeffery whose words have infected us all enough to try and tell a tale in his bleak dystopian society from our own perspective. It’s quite a feat.

I personally found this my most challenging story to write. Not because of personal demons, or writer’s block, or self-doubt (well, maybe a bit of that), but because trying to tell your own story with someone else’s constraints (I don’t mean this in a bad way) is really quite difficult. Aspects of my story had to make sense in the established universe, and a few ideas I had really didn’t work at all. But finally, after quite a few drafts and re-writes, I have something I’m proud of.

So why don’t you see for yourself? I think you should. You definitely should. Click this right here to get your copy;

PS. Reviews are always welcome, although I’m sure you knew that already! Here’s one to give you some idea

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  1. Sounds good. In fact, you talked me into it. I just grabbed a copy.:-)

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  2. Haha, puns are always awesome, and I love the premise of your story (and the anthology too). It’s my type of genre too, so I might very well just check this out. Wishing you all the best, Morgan!

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