Book Review – Milk Kisses & Other Stories by Ross Jeffery

In this SSS! entry we are treated to a trio of tales from the very talented Ross Jeffery. I very much enjoyed his book Juniper which I reviewed right here, but he has many more stories that I really need to get on and devour.

The first story, Pareidolia, in true Stevie King style, follows a writer staying in a small town to try and get some inspiration for the next best-seller. Small town communities carry a creepy vibe at the best of times, but this one particularly so. Just what are the locals hiding from our writery chap?

The clues are there, the warnings are there, but does he listen? By the time he realises it may be too late.

Next up is the title track, Milk Kisses. Newborn babies are tiring work, but doing it all on your own is a whole different ballgame. This story perfectly encapsulated the slog involved, but there’s a dark undertone throughout. And as the real truth of the tale is revealed things become even more ‘no waaaay’, if you know what I mean.

Things wrap up with a nice slice of body horror in Hemangioma. I love to be grossed out, and while this story doesn’t exactly throw it in your face where it sticks with globules of spongey innards and gore, it definitely has enough creeps to it to bring out quite a few ‘eww’ moments. 

Unsettling, shocking, at times sickening; this collection is a great addition to any horror fans’ bookshelf. So just check it out!

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  1. Good review! I’ve read this SSS! and thought all three stories were fab, but “Hemangioma” was the most fun.

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