AN ARMY OF SKIN, Now Available for Your Ears as Well as Your Eyes!!

I’ve never been someone who partook in audiobooks. It wasn’t through snobbery, I just never thought I’d enjoy the experience. When driving and listening to music, I often zone out and miss things, usually because of dick drivers on the roads, but that’s another rant.

So listening to a book on my commutes to and from work, surely I’d miss too much to enjoy it?

I’d been considering getting my debut novella recorded as an audiobook as it seems as though this is a rapidly increasing medium for book lovers all over the world. YouTube videos and online forums seem to be shouting this anyway.

But how could I look at recording an audiobook without listening to a few, you know, doing my research?

Long story short, I signed up to Audible, and got listening! Three months in and I’ve seriously got the bug. Not only that, I heard about the library app where you have a selection of hundreds more audiobooks, for free!! Granted there aren’t many that tickle my fancy, but I’ve enjoyed a few already. The app used by my library is Libby, by the way.

Maybe I’ll write a post about those sometime.

And as for my zoning out? Well, it doesn’t happen, I ain’t missing a single sentence!

Anyway, this doesn’t sound very self-promotional so far does it? Well OK, here we go.

AN ARMY OF SKIN has been Audiobooked!! Yes, you can also catch the bug like I did and immerse yourself in a joyous existence of listening to a story involving insanity, gore, and plenty of viscera and violence!!

And if you already have Audible and enjoy it, perhaps you’d like to use a credit to check out this title, maybe, if you’d like? It’s not like there’s much else to choose from is there? That’s a joke, by the way.

If so, why not click here and be transported to a world where words come to life and infect your meagre human minds with their destruction and chaos? Or maybe it will just take you to Amazon, the US flavour.

For those of you over here in the UK, this little linky should take you to where the magic’s a-happening!

I’ll stop now because I’m sure you’re getting bored. But many thanks in advance from myself and from Robert Curran, my excellent narrator, if you do decide to take the plunge. I’d also like to thank Robert for his time and hard work in bringing my words to life (or death, really)!

And many thanks to you for reading this far and, hopefully, clicking!!

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10 replies

  1. An Audible Army? Cool, congratulaitons!

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  2. Nice one Mr T.
    I don’t think audible would work for me – I do most of my reading at night before sleep………………I guarantee I would fall asleep listening and then I wouldn’t know where I was in the book.

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  3. Nice going man. This was a good novel. Dark but with funny macaber jokes in between. As well as a pretty cover. If a “predetorized” human body tickles your fancy🙂

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