Book Review – Elegy of the Void by Halo Scot

Well here it is, the fourth and final instalment of this excellent Rift Cycle quadrilogy (that’s a good word, isn’t it?). I don’t think I’ve read a series since A Song of Ice and Fire, but I’m so glad I did, because these four books have been a blast.

It is quite the task to write a review of a Book 4, because anything I say will be a spoiler. So if you find this post by casually trolling the internet and your horror-loving interest is piqued, best go back and check the review for Book 1, and then thank me when you’re done!

If, on the other hand, you’re reading this after having read the other 3 books, chances are you don’t need me to tell you this is a great ending to the series, because you’ll assume this already. Three great books ending with a shit one? Nah, not this time.

Sira Rune and Julian Kyder are still with us, kicking ass as usual. But now their relationship is put to the most serious of tasks; they need to work together to save the world! That sounds cheesy, but I can’t give specifics here now can I?

The humour is still here and the violence and gross-out moments do not disappoint. I did enjoy the scene where Kyder tortures a guy who can’t die in this realm. Torturing an immortal being would be quite the challenge I’m sure, so where do you go with that? How would you get him to talk? Well, Halo Scot takes you there, and maybe a little further than might be comfortable for most.

I’d love to tell you of the plot, but that would give away Book 3, especially the ending. So my overall message is this;

Read. This. Series. It’s dark, twisted, bloody, and bloody funny. 

I need to end this by offering my thanks to Halo for trusting me to read and review these books. The ARCs have been very much appreciated and I hope these books go on to get even more of the recognition they really do deserve.

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  1. Sounds like a series and an author I should check out.

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  2. I should imagine torturing an immortal would be a blast – you could do anything to them for any period of time without worrying they were going to die on you. No “oops I went too far”, lol.
    Anyway, sounds good!

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