Book Review – Non-Practicing Cultist by Scott J Moses

I’m a sucker for cults; reading or watching about them, of course, not actually joining them. Not yet anyway.

Add to my cult-loving another SSS! release that deals with this subject matter, I just had to get involved.

Jim is the narrator here, on his way to some kind of secret meeting out in the sticks. While we’re not aware of what he’s up to straight away, various flashbacks throughout indicate Jim-boy has had a troubled past, both in his ‘Nam days, and his childhood.

Well, he’s off to see the cult. But once he gets there he’s revered by these people as one of the ‘old school’, as it were. But he’s there for another purpose, and blood’s about to flow.

The cult itself was delivered really well. The rituals were creepy and mysterious, and the masks they wore – the images created bring chills even as I sit and write this. Usually in these tales, you really fear for the poor protagonist as they enter a strange world they don’t understand. But with Jim, you’re fully aware shit’s going down, and I certainly enjoyed the ride.

This is a fast-paced read so I won’t say too much else about the plot, but even with a limited page count the world created had so much depth and history. Yeah it could have been longer, but that’s a minor gripe, it wasn’t like I expected a SSS! novel or anything.

Cult-lovers, horror-lovers and everyone else, unite and join… or die!!

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  1. I love this series. Sounds like another good one!

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