Diabolica Britannica; a Charity Horror Anthology


Hello to all you horror fans, I trust you are keeping it depraved and brutal? Good. I haven’t posted anything for quite a while now but don’t worry, I’m still around. I’d love to say it’s because I’m immersed in writing a future best seller and had no time for this here blog, but it’s nothing as glamorous as that.

And anyway, you don’t want to hear about all that.

So anyway, I’m excited to announce the release of a truly awesome horror anthology; Diabolica Britannica. This collection has been in the making for a good few months now and is the brainchild of Keith Anthony Baird – a writer you should be checking out.

He reached out with the idea of putting together an anthology to raise money for the NHS here in the UK following the outbreak of some pandemic or something, I forget the name of it now. Over a short while the cast was assembled and the stories were written, and now it is here for the world to devour.

I’m a bit late on the whole promo party really; it’s been out for over a week now, but it did hold the top spot on Amazon for horror anthologies for 5 days straight (I know, right?). Perhaps this little plug will help put us back to the top. Maybe.

All of the stories here are top notch horror, with some great indie authors contributing (and me!). Not only that, there are stories from Tim Lebbon and Adam Nevill, as well as a foreword by the legend that is Ramsey Campbell. How exciting is that???

My tale is called Scripted in Shadows, and concerns a mysterious book that is seemingly written by the shadows and darkness themselves. This book controls its reader to do ghastly, abhorrent things; so all wholesome family fun!

I share the pages with the following awesome authors;

Catherine McCarthy

Christopher Henderson

Beverley Lee

Arthur M Harper

Janine Pipe

Stephanie Ellis

John F Leonard

Alyson Faye

The aforementioned Keith Anthony Baird

Sarah J Budd

Sarah E England

I mean, come on, what a line-up!!

If you’d like to experience some gruesome, creepy, and generally horrifying stories from a variety of sub-genres, while also supporting a noble cause, you can do so right about HERE.

There is even a creepy promo video to get you in the mood.



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  1. Wow you’re getting your name out there man, so pleased for ya!!
    Putting this on my TBR list now…………..

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  1. Diabolica Britannica; a Charity Horror Anthology — MORGAN K TANNER, Writer of Horror – The Narrow Edge

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