Cover Reveal….. The Snuggle Zombies; my Attempt at Children’s Horror Fiction

Hello there,

I hope everyone is keeping brutal in these (I don’t wanna say ‘unprecedented’) times and reading lots and lots.

I’m excited to announce the forthcoming release of my kid’s horror story, The Snuggle Zombies.

And here is the excellent cover……


Me and my lad have read many books together over the years. Mostly David Walliams, David Baddiel, Roald Dahl, the Barry Potter books, etc. I wondered whether I had it in me to write a kids book myself. I’m not sure I know even now.

But anyway, this is my mark on the kids horror world, and I hope kids and parents alike enjoy it.

Let’s talk blurb…

Max and his best friend Tommy enjoy a happy life of football, pizza, and having a great time.

But when a strange outbreak engulfs their town it appears that everyone is a would-be victim. The zombie apocalypse is here and the infection is spreading at an astronomical rate. No one is immune, no one is safe.

But these zombies aren’t hungry for brains, oh no. These creatures want nothing more than to cuddle, smooch, and drooly-kiss. Which to Max and Tommy is the ultimate in gross.

Will life ever be the same again? Will Max’s sister always be a massive grumpy pants? Can the pair find a way to defeat the hordes of snugglers? And how can the answer be found in a tin of baked beans?

Dare you embrace The Snuggle Zombies?

The book will be coming in June and more details about dates and pre-orders an ting will be revealed shortly.

But in the meantime, enjoy the cover (my lad is the one on the left) and prepare to embrace the coming apocalypse!!!


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8 replies

  1. Great cover! I can’t blame Max and Tommy. Who’d want a yukky zombie snuggling with you? Ew!

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  2. Sounds awesome!! What age group is it aimed at?
    Well cool your lad is on the cover!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good luck man! Great to try your hand at something new

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