Book Review – Communion by Steve Stred


Steve Stred’s Ritual was a brutal novella with violence, otherworldly cults (kvlts?), and some questionable antics by a supposed holy man. It was pretty graphic and gross; which means it was great.

Communion is the next instalment in the trilogy and promised to be just as deranged and disgusting. Well it certainly is both of those things.

If you haven’t read Ritual yet then there may be a few spoilers in this here review. There, that’s the warning.

At the end of the first book there was a brutal and bloody mass killing of a group of cult worshippers that dumfounded the police. This story picks up with the immediate aftermath of this as the cops try to make sense of what went on.

Detective McKay is the guy taking the reins. After his partner hangs himself immediately after witnessing the crime scene, McKay is on his own in tackling the case. He’s visited by a mysterious woman who promises he will soon find what he’s looking for, and she does this in such a creepy way you’d forgive the detective for just retiring there and then.

But this guy’s a professional. After being assaulted by the woman right there in the cop shop she seems to disappear, leaving a strange package for the detective.

What’s inside this package? you ask. Come on, I’m not going to tell you that, but the items are involved heavily in the cult’s practices and history, and are not for the faint of heart.

There’s a return of Father; the depraved, evil leader of this group, who definitely hasn’t decided to go all chilled and kind after his previous antics.

McKay enlists the help of a specialist in the workings of ancient deities and beliefs and before he knows what’s hit him, he’s in much further than he would have liked.

I can’t really say much more but this story followed on perfectly from the first, and left a nice teaser for the next tale.

Death, sex, torture, monstrous beasts, sacrifice; if you’ve answered ‘yes’ to all of these then you should be checking out Communion right about now!

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  1. Thanks for the spoiler warning. I better get through Ritual first!

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