Book Review – Jesus of Scumburg by Leo X Robertson


I’m not sure where to begin with this review. I suppose I should kick things off by saying that this book isn’t for everyone. Those faint of heart or an ease to be offended should probably keep well away from this one.

I, thankfully, am neither of those things. I enjoy feeling icky when reading a book, curling my toes and uttering various ‘eww’s’ as I consume the words on the pages, feeling a tad of guilt as I chuckle at things most others would consider vulgar and disgusting.

And these are certainly two words that come to mind when I think back to this book. But what do I mean? Is reading this review going to help you make up your mind about whether this book is for you?

Erm, OK. Incest? Various bodily fluids? Graphic violence? Child abuse? More incest?

With all those topics crammed into a novella you may be forgiven for thinking this is just seventy-odd pages of filth. And yes it is, but there’s a great story here, too. One that, thinking back, screams for attention.

The Nazi Sympathizers are a punk band fronted by the infamous Jesus DeJesus. When these guys play, carnage is unleashed. It seems their music and lyrics channel some primal urge within the fans to bring the world crushing to its knees. And to make them have sex and beat each other, of course.

Before reading this I didn’t realise how much of a bizarro feel it had. The situations on show could be set in this ‘real world’ in which we all reside, but the reactions of the public and police to the violence and murder are, I dunno, weird? I was reminded of Carlton Mellick III’s Satan Burger many times during the short reading session.

Add to this the strange insect monsters that appear, and characters with roaches and piranhas living inside their skins, and you’ve got one great story in your hands. The descriptions are so vivid that although everything is verging on the ridiculousness, there’s something very real and gruesome at play.

I’m not going to talk too much about the plot because, if you’ve got this far and are interested enough to check it out, I don’t want to give anything away.

But be warned, you may feel the urge to wash your hands thoroughly after gorging yourself silly on this twisted novella. Probably not one to tell your mom about either!

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