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Well where do I start?

That intro makes it sound like I’m up to sooo much fun stuff and have so many interesting facts to share about myself, but it’s all pretty boring really.

I write stories where scary stuff happens, I blog about nonsense, I am an amateur serial killer in the making, and I love snuggling up with my cute little kittens in front of a warm fire (only one of those statements is false).

I enjoy reading, which is a good thing if you want to write, as you need to know how to do it properly! King, Kafka, Palahniuk, Barker, Lovecraft, Jackie Collins; all the greats.

Films, yes I like them. Food, I enjoy eating it. Drums, I love banging them.

I hope to take over the world one day and make everyone listen to ear-shattering grindcore at all times, to only complain that my music is becoming too mainstream.

And that’s it really. Oh yeah, I also have a GSOH, although you’d probably doubt that if you ever met me.

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