Book Review – Soaking in Strange Hours by Erik Hofstatter

This extremely brief tale is dripping, or soaking, in lashings of descriptive prose and metaphor where more or less any sentence could be used as promotional material for the story. Before writing this review I read the story twice, just to try and take it all in. I’m not sure I did, though.

The imagery has stayed with me more so than the plot and, I suspect, that is the intention.

Tristan is a guy simply drinking away the hours in a depressingly dirty urban world. He’s approached by a girl who wishes him to locate someone for her. Her boyfriend? Her fuck buddy? No, not really.

Without really doing much searching he does indeed find the guy, Boomerang. But once this mysterious figure is discovered it appears the quest was not what he originally expected it to be.

This story is short, really short. Could it have been a touch longer, embellishing the dreary world and those tortured souls within it? Yeah it could, but although I finished it (both times) with more questions, I actually quite like that about it. 

I can’t say much more apart from what I usually say when things really resonate with me; go and check it out!! 

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  1. Sometimes a story doesn’t need to be longer. One of my favorite series is the Short Sharp Shocks!

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