Book Review – Gods of the Dark Web by Lucas Mangum

I’d had this book on my wish list on a certain website for quite a while. And then Christmas came along and I got a shiny book-shaped present that contained this gory specimen. Things were looking up.

The story jumps straight into the action and then never really lets up. OK, there are sections when boring stuff like character development and backstories and stuff are introduced, but apparently you need these in a work of fiction??

I jest, this tale was shocking and dark; two things I really dig in a book. I read this in only a couple of sittings and I’m sure my face was a picture for most of my time with it.

The story opens with Leon as he’s held captive then tortured by these dudes in scary masks who hold two women by leashes, as though they’re dogs. Leon doesn’t remember getting here, but he’d previously been snooping around in the void of the dark web. I’ve never been there myself, and I certainly won’t be visiting any time soon.

Following Leon’s disappearance, his older brother Niles starts on a quest to find him. The police don’t seem particularly helpful, and after speaking to Leon’s friends and learning of his recent escapades in the dark and forbidden corners of the internet, Niles begins his own investigation.

Of course, Niles ends up wishing he hadn’t gone there, but for many reasons. This aspect really gave this book and his character some depth. It’s not just grotesqueness from start to finish, although a lot of it is. 

Some readers may find one or two scenes a bit much, but not me. I loved every gore-soaked and depraved scene on offer. 

My one complaint would be that this could really have been longer. I feel that having this story fleshed out (pun intended) a bit would have made it even more brutal and terrifying. But can’t we say that for so many stories?

If you have a spare hour or so and want to be appalled, then look no further!

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  1. Great review! I do like a good extreme horror story once in a while. In fact, I’m reading one right now, a novella (maybe it’s a short novel, hard to tell in e-format) called Dead Inside by Morrison.

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  1. Book Review – Gods of the Dark Web by Lucas Mangum — MORGAN K TANNER, Writer of Horror – The Narrow Edge

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