Book Review – Darkness Calls by D.T. Griffith

Wow, this is a story that certainly lives up to its name. Darkness Calls, it really does.

You know what you’re getting with a Short Sharp Shocks! release and this one is as good as any in the ever-increasing collection.

In this instalment we’re treated (if that’s the right word) to the tale of Mike and his wife, Leah as they travel to the hospital to see Mike’s twin sister who’s in a coma following a suspected overdose. Mike is obviously worried about her but she has had her demons in the past and this put a lot of strain on the siblings’ relationship.

Two years ago Mike’s father died in mysterious circumstances, could it be a coincidence his sister in now in this perilous position? When Mike had seen his pops dead on the sofa back then something appeared frighteningly weird about the whole situation. What was that look on his face? What were the strange sigils on the walls?

Mike’s family have been hiding secrets for many years, were these connected to his dad’s death?

You betcha!!

It’s a short tale this, so I can’t say too much more. But the darkness described in the title takes an insidious hold around your throat as you delve further into the story. Maybe like a tentacle, perhaps? Mike’s psyche becomes infested with visions of tentacles and tendrils, is he losing his mind or was this how it was supposed to end?

D.T. Griffith has a talent to take you places you don’t want to go, holding your hand before letting go right at the end and letting you plummet into the void. The darkness is calling and it needs to be answered.

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  1. I’ve read this one. Fun read, fun monster! Short Sharp Shocks are always good reads. I have The Corn Witch (number 63) coming up soon on my TBR.:-)

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