Book Review – A Seed in a Soil of Sorrow by Keith Anthony Baird

Right then, I should start this review by saying what a great title this is. Even without knowing this story comes from the mind of KAB I would have been seriously intrigued. And this great little story certainly lives up to its title.

I blasted through this in one sitting, as was engaged throughout. The tale follows a guy who joins a weird, living-in-the-middle-of-nowhere cult. The dude – new/cult name Tobias – has little in his life, a life where no one really ‘gets’ him. So the thought of joining a new, like-minded community, seems like everything he’s ever desired.

But come on, cult stories never usually end on a positive note do they?

There’s something very off and sinister about the leader, Hans, but of course there is; he’s the leader of a cult. But when you’ve committed yourself to this way of life you’re probably going to put up with some of the – let’s just call them very weird and sinister practices.

Tobias witnesses ritual murder (or ‘sacrifice’) and has suspicions about others who have ‘gone missing’. But as is the norm in weirdo cult politics, he’s unable to voice these concerns to anyone. The backdrop of tranquil surroundings does its best to rid these thoughts from his crazy mind, but they’re always there.

Things take a turn for the better, and ultimately the worse, when Tobias becomes infatuated with a young lady who joins the cult. Relationships like this are frowned upon here, but the lust monster is strong within Tobias and well, he just can’t help himself can he?

Do things turn sour for our sweet romantics? I’m not going to say, but I think you can guess.

As with other works by Baird, his prose reads like it could have been written in the past, and this is meant as a huge compliment! It’s refreshing to read contemporary stories like this, set in the modern era but seemingly penned by someone in a very different time.

The story reaches a horrifying climax, but admittedly one where I was more like ‘Oh, OK then, that’s kind of what I expected’, than one that shocked me. But our Baird loves a good twist, and this offering is no exception. After thinking I’d got to the end of the story, things take an unexpected turn and left with that ‘Wooaahh! No way!’ feeling.

If you fancy experiencing this very WNW feeling (I don’t think this abbreviation will take off and become a thing, but you never know) then get sewing with this little gem!

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  1. Another good review. You’re right about the title. It got me interested right away. I was like, WNW!:-)

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  2. Oh I’m totally adopting that acronym!!!!

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