Free Books!!!!

Hello there, and welcome to my lovely little promotion post.

For this weekend, as a spooky pre-Halloween treat, my books An Army of Skin, The Mind’s Plague, and The Snuggle Zombies are all FREEEEEEE!!!!

(Well, if you have a Kindle they are).

If you want to read about insanity, death, gore, depravity, and kids farting on each other, then head over to Amazon and get downloading!!

Here are the links for the UK and US Amazon pages where you can find them hiding.

They’ll only be free until Monday so it’s best not to hang about. And if you read them and feel the desire to write a review I would be eternally grateful. A couple of lines or an essay; either will be much appreciated!

Loved them? Hated them? Tell the world!!!

Anyway, enjoy your day, keep safe, and prepare for the spookiness!!!

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  1. I got me a copy of Snuggle Zombies. I’m not a kid, but with a title like that, it’s gotta be a fun read!

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  2. I got the Snuggle Zombies too as I already have the others and I’d hate to miss a deal!!!


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  3. I still need to start your Mind’s Plague book. Ypu were kind enough to send me a copy as i fall in the EU region. If it is anything like Army of Skin I know i am gonna love it

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