Souls Will be Consumed on August 22nd; The Mind’s Plague is Upon You


Sinister greetings!!

This Thursday, August 22nd sees the release of my collection of 10 short stories, The Mind’s Plague and Other Bites of Brutality.

These stories explore love, happiness, and lots of mushy romance. Just kidding, they are pretty much the exact opposite. Insanity, loss, despair, death, and the like.

There’s crazy celebrity stalkers, creepypasta, grief, zombies, ghosts, and a kick-ass metal band within these pages. I like to think there’s a broad range of subject matter, but of course, that’s for the reader to decide.

I’m so excited for these stories to be unleashed upon this unsuspecting world, and hope that you’re intrigued enough to give them a try.

You can pre-order on Amazon (or just wait a couple of days and order straight away – whatever works for you) and here are some links for the UK and US sites, because I’m kind and thoughtful like that.

If you fancy some deranged horror stories with some gore and madness-inducing situations, then involve yourself in The Mind’s Plague!

Whether you order or not, thanks for reading, you are a truly magnificent person!

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  1. Insanity, zombies . . . I’m hooked! Looking forward to reading the collection.

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