An Army of Skin, Free on Kindle for this Weekend!!!

AOSfront and back

Hello there, my lovelies. The Easter spirit (is that a thing?) has infected my mind like a chocolate plague and I’m pleased to announce that my debut horror novella, An Army of Skin, is free for this weekend!

If you fancy delving into the mind of Trevor King, our psychotic(?) anti-hero, and his adventures of skin-removing excitement, then get involved and spread the love.

To save you time, here are the links for the US and UK sites (because I’m kind like that).

Have a great weekend everyone, and keep it brutal!!

Morgan x

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  1. Mighty kind of you, I cant read it due to it not being available in the Netherlands😔.

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  1. Army Of Skin- Morgan K. Tanner | Wordaholicanonymous

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