Book Review – Forest Underground by Lydian Faust

forest underground

This is a tricky review to write. I don’t feel I can describe the events of this book without giving things away, and I’m very anti-spoilers, don’t you know!

Although saying that, it’s easy to state that this horror novella was a superbly horrific and fun ride into insanity (if that’s even possible). It took me no time at all to blast through this one, and some of the settings are still haunting my mind as I sit here typing away. Particularly that ‘hospital’. *shudders*

Without giving too much away, the story starts with Luna talking to her psychiatrist (I think), Dr Sizemore about a traumatic moment in her life. The doctor encourages her to recount her tale, telling Luna that they are about to make a real breakthrough. In truth, the doctor seems a bit too keen to hear all about this.

Well they do make a breakthrough, kind of, but I can’t really mention that here. Talk about gripping, I was desperate to know exactly what happened to Luna and what drove her to the events that had her locked up in a semi-mental institution.

As the story progresses we learn not only of Luna’s past, but also Dr Sizemore’s. I’ll stop there because I feel like I’m already starting to give things away.

To summarise, this was a fast-paced yet engrossing tale with twists aplenty, something very well achieved in such a relatively short page count. Luna’s walks through the forest are brought very much to life, as are the happenings with Dr Sizemore’s other patients; very American Horror Story-y.

There were also a few ‘eww’ moments that helped galvanise the torrent of killer punches that were thrown from the pages. No one is who they seem and the story keeps you guessing throughout. Everything is nicely tied up at the end yet I still craved more, but this is a massive compliment to the writing and not because things weren’t concluded adequately. Teasey horror, if that’s even a thing.

I’ve neglected to mention many things here, such as Grandma, a school, a cop, and this cottage-type place, but you need to read it to embrace all these excellent additions to the story.

I’m fully embracing Women in Horror Month, but at this rate it’s going to Women in Horror Year for me. Sorry dudes, the dudettes are kicking my ass good and proper.

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