I Wish I Loved Halloween More Than I Do


I love horror. I love everything about it. I love zombies and monsters and killers and ghosts. I love reading about and watching people quivering in fear as they realise that their life is about to end, and when it does it won’t be pleasant. Fellow lovers of horror know exactly what I’m talking about and those who aren’t, probably don’t.

So surely around this time of year I should be buzzing at the thought of horror ‘becoming mainstream’ as it were. The shops are filled with decorations and food inspired by the macabre. Sweets become sugared squidgy body parts, cups become skeletal goblets, cakes become ghostly slimed-covered diabolical snacks, and you can finally buy graveyard wallpaper. Plus there are many more fake weapons on sale, which always improve the appearance of my own collection and make it more intimidating to my captives.

It all sounds great. But, I don’t know, I never feel that excited about Halloween.

OK, there’s parties to go to where everyone is dressed up and ‘in character’, but have you ever spoken to that guy in his zombie make-up who has obviously spent a long time creating his look, for him to frown in dismay when you mention George Romero?

“What’s your favourite horror movie?” is a question I’ve asked many people, not in a snide sort of way, but out of genuine interest. If anyone answers that they loved The Wicker Man, and Nicholas Cage was great in it, well you can make your own mind up.

Obviously I’m not some miserable old whiner who hates anyone having a good time, that’s not it at all. In fact I do enjoy the costumes and the excitement around Halloween, but wonder how many of these people who are partaking would sneer at T shirts with skulls and blood on them in say, a month.

I suppose it’s a bit like extreme metal music becoming popular for one night a year. In a way I’d love it, but it would annoy me that these people aren’t ‘proper fans’ and by the next morning they’ll turn their backs on it with slight embarrassment.

I know it’s all fun and games and believe me I’m not knocking anyone who really gets into the spirit of Halloween. I’m probably just annoyed at myself for not embracing it like I should. So it’s all my fault!

Although, looking at it in a more positive light, the fact that Halloween seems to be getting more and more popular every year might just work in bringing more kids to embrace the horror genre as they grow up. Maybe in ten or twenty years it will be thriving even more than it is now (which it definitely is).

So what am I complaining about? That will be great won’t it? Ha, knowing me it’ll probably annoy me even more.

I’ll stop moaning now and, ironically, wish you a very Happy Halloween!

Be sure to check in towards the end of December for a similar rant (I’m kidding!).


Photo credit: Anne Worner via Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA

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