Doubles in Twin Peaks


I’m excited. Like, really excited. Twin Peaks is returning! To those of you that haven’t watched it, watch it. To those that have, how amazing is it? I don’t think I’ve been looking forward to a TV show this much since Thundercats as a kid.

In order to prepare myself for the hopefully awesomeness of it all, I sat down to re-watch all the episodes, as well as the terrifyingly gripping film, Fire Walk With Me. I’ve even bought some red drapes for my torture room, although these don’t seem to have been appreciated too well by my victims. They’ve been too busy screaming and pleading for their lives to really notice them. Oh well.

Twin Peaks is a whodunnit murder mystery on the one hand, and a disturbing tale of possession by evil spirits and gateways to other dimensions, on the other. All delivered with the strange, eerie and beautiful look that we love Dave so much for.

Whilst there are many hidden messages and themes within the show, some maybe unintentional but twisted to suit fan theories, I watched again paying extra attention to the subtleties and nuances that make the show so great and that I missed on the first couple of watches.

Now doubles, or twins, are well observed by bigger fans than myself and I’m not here to post theories on dopplegangers and split personalities, and characters who resemble each other in appearances and motivations, and those who act completely the opposite to others, and so on. There are many other great articles online addressing these points, that to try and re-invent the circular saw in Packard’s Mill would be a dishonour to those.

But one thing really stood out to me after having not watched the show for a number of years. That was the number of doubles, or twos of things that can be noted with not really even a eagle eye. This list is probably just the tip of the iceberg, though and I would be interested to hear of all the things I missed.

Maybe I’ll just have to watch it all over again….

  • The word ‘Twin’ is in the title, OK, kind of an obvious first point, but they get better.

  • The title sequence; there are 2 towers, then 2 pipes as the saw turns (having 2 cutting positions), then 2 circular saws, a twin bracket-type thing under another saw, 2 waterfalls that turn into 1. Am I reading too much into this?

  • The doughnuts laid out in the Sheriff’s station are all piled in twos.

  • At One Eyed Jacks Jerry orders drinks for himself and his brother, Ben. He orders two doubles.

  • There are two ledgers in Catherine’s secret cupboard.

  • The local eatery is called the Double R Diner.

  • The Roadhouse has an illuminated sign that says ‘The Bang Bang Bar.’

  • The sketch on Hank’s calling card to Josie, and his lucky charm is a domino with two 3s. Later he wears a bolo tie with two 4s on it.

  • When he first arrives, Cooper tells Diane, via his Dictaphone that two things trouble him.

  • Later, Coop is shot, twice.

  • The guests at the Great Northern, often in wacky dress, appear on camera in twos; there are fishermen, sailors, Arabs, the waiters also often stand in pairs.

  • The giant tells Coop that “It is happening again,” twice.

  • The Red Room. That’s a couple of ‘Rs’ right there, plus the 2 chairs next to each other with 2 lamps either side.

  • There are 2 seasons, so far. I know, I’m stretching it now.

Am I looking for stuff that isn’t there just to flesh this out from a couple of incidental doubles here and there? Maybe, but shots in David Lynch productions, like those in Stanley Kubrick’s, are there for a reason. Although I have read that in the pilot episode, the shot of Bob seen in the mirror after Sarah Palmer wakes from her trance, was a complete fluke. But maybe the strange world of Twin Peaks has more meaning and substance than David Lynch and Mark Frost ever intended, and that is just one example.

That’s my argument anyway, and I’m sticking to it. Bring on 2017 to either destroy my theory, or embrace it!

So what did I miss……..?

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